Year of release : 2021
Country : Star Wars: Visions via torrentJapan, Star Wars: Visions via torrentUSA
Studio : Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm Animation, Geno Studio
Genre : Anime, cartoon, science fiction, action, fantasy
Duration : ~ 00:15:00 series
Translation : Italian Professional (polyphonic)
Subtitles : Italian
Director : Choi Eun-yeon, Abel Gongora, Hitoshi Haga Cast : Andrew Kishino, Jaden Waldman, Alison Bree, Anna Cathcart, Kyle Chandler, Greg Chun, Jamie Chon, Romy Dams, Jordan Fisher , Karen Fukuhara 

Description: An anime anthology set in the world of a galaxy far, far away. The episodes were filmed by different directors in different styles. For example, the part titled “Duel” is black and white, with only lightsabers highlighted in color. Episode “T0-B1”, inspired by the cartoon “Astroboy”, is about a little droid who dreams of becoming a Jedi, while the plot of “The Ninth Jedi” will be the daughter of a lightsaber smith. The only episode to feature famous characters from the franchise will be Tatooine Rhapsody, a rock opera starring Jabba the Hutt and Bobbie Fett.

Quality : WEBRip 1080p
Format : MKV
Video : 1920×1080 at 24.000 fps, MPEG4-AVC, ~ 5200-7700 kbps avg
Audio # Italian: 48 kHz, AC3, 3/2 (L,C,R,l,r) + LFE ch, ~256 kbps avg

Size:  6.56 GB